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Manisa Ceramic Production Company was established in 2015 and started its premium production in 2018. It provides vast product range and has process capability to make new projects in short time. The factory is located in İzmir, Turkey. MCP has modern high technology which is dedicated to medium and high segment products.

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Our mission

The brand produces tiles for sanitary and kitchen, washbasins, bidets, toilets and dedicated accessories, through a production process that applies the right mix of technology and expertise.

MCP Ceramic’s mission is to become an integral part of consumers’ daily lives, by distributing products necessary for everyday hygiene.
MPC Ceramic’s products are not only highly functional but they also have aesthetic characteristics that make them modern and perfectly suitable for different living contexts. Their minimalist and refined style adapts to various environments, guaranteeing the possibility of having a design product in your home that responds every day to all the hygienic and functional needs of the person who relies on the MCP Ceramic high standards.

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Our vision

MCP Ceramic actively and constantly participates in the sanitary ceramics evolution, with products designed to last over time and to respond to the real different needs of use, in terms of design, functionality, comfort and quality.

MCP Ceramic’s  vision is to offer buyers a range of products that can support them in building a living environment in which people can reflect.
Customers can choose the product conformation that will best meet their taste, without sacrificing the materials quality with which it is made, the high product functionality and its highly resistance to bacteria.

People will always rediscover the sense of reliability given by the daily use of the MCP Ceramic products, aiming to exceed customer’s expectations.

Our core values


We focus on renewable resources, minimizing the use of natural resources in all production processes. We aim to prevent the loss of raw materials and energy through investments. We regularly recycle much of the waste generated during production and feed it back into production.


When we design our products, we prioritize water conservation and make improvements that can operate entirely on a minimum of water. We minimize the amount of water used for products.


To raise our employees’ awareness of this issue and help protect our world, we train them on environmental issues and conduct studies on relevant certifications in our factory. We base our corporate culture on an environmentalist approach.

Our Certificates