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MCP Ceramic is a brand that manufactures and distributes premium sanitary wares. Our purpose is not to elude the customer but to make them participants in every step of the process.


Our Products

Our Approach

More Than Ceramic

MCP Ceramic has a distinctive identity.
The brand stands out from its competitors because, unlike these, it develops not only sanitary products made of ceramic but also aspires to build unequaled products, becoming the landmark even in the years to come.

Collaborative Process

Customers can choose the product conformation that will best meet their taste, without sacrificing the materials quality with which it is made, the high product functionality and its highly resistance to bacteria.

Premium products

A strong attention is also given to the materials used for the construction of our products, which in addition to being 99.95% resistant to bacteria, they meet the most modern and sophisticated criteria.

Green awareness

We focus on renewable resources, minimizing the use of natural resources in all production processes. We aim to prevent the loss of raw materials and energy through investments. We regularly recycle much of the waste generated during production and feed it back into production. When we design our products, we prioritize water conservation and make improvements that can operate entirely on a minimum of water. We minimize the amount of water used for products.

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We export the premium sanitary ware to all around the world